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What’s the difference between a dental bridge and an implant? Which is better?

Older Couple | Dental Bridges in Lynwood CABridges and implants are similar in that they are both methods for replacing teeth. But the way they go about it is very different.

Dental Bridges

A bridge is a dental prosthetic that usually consists of an artificial tooth called a pontic with dental crowns attached on either side. The crowns are then secured to adjacent teeth, and the pontic sits in the open space.

Dental Implants

A dental implant, on the other hand, is a full tooth replacement. Unlike a bridge, the implant is placed surgically in your jaw bone to take the place of the lost tooth root. We then attach a dental crown to it which becomes the part of the tooth you see when you smile.

The fact that the implant is anchored in your jaw makes it a much healthier way to replace missing teeth. First, we don’t need to alter adjacent teeth as we do when placing a bridge. Also, the implant stimulates healthy bone growth in your jaw and eliminates the problem of bone loss that is common with tooth loss.

What We Recommend

While we do place bridges at our LA, Inglewood, Lynwood, and Pico Rivera dental offices, we often recommend implants because they are the healthier choice. If you have questions about tooth replacement, please call PhD Dental, and we will be happy to arrange a consultation with one of our skilled dentists.

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