Our team enjoys welcoming new patients of all ages to PhD Dental. We want every experience you have with us to be pleasant and positive, starting with the moment you first walk through our doors.

We’ve provided some information below that should help you get the most out of your first visit with us.

Information We Need from You

You need to provide us with some information including your health history and any medications you take.

The forms are available for download on our forms page. If you cannot fill them out before your visit, please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Also, please be sure to bring your insurance card and photo ID with you.

Your First Exam

When you arrive for your first visit, our friendly staff will greet you with a warm smile and welcome you to our dental practice.

During your first exam, one of our dentists will meet with you to talk to you about your concerns and see how we can best help you. We will perform a professional dental cleaning, a comprehensive exam, and take x-rays and intraoral photos that become part of your patient record.

The dentist will then review your x-rays and photos with you to point out problem areas that need treatment. Seeing these images for yourself helps you understand what’s happening with your oral health and how treatment will benefit you.

Before you leave, we will talk to you about the cost involved and how your dental insurance applies.