Gold Braces

We are proud to offer orthodontics at our dental practice, specifically gold braces in Los Angeles and our surrounding dental clinics, including those in Pico Rivera, Inglewood, Lynwood, Westchester, and Compton, CA.

Orthodontics is about more than straight teeth; treatment also contributes to better oral health by aligning your bite and leveling your chewing surface. Straight teeth that do not overlap are also easier to clean effectively with your dental floss and toothbrush.

Gold Dental Braces in Compton and Beyond

When it comes to traditional braces, there are many options, including braces fixed behind teeth for discretion, tooth-colored or clear braces, and the popular metal and wire construct that we’re all familiar with.

At PhD Dental, we are proud to offer the additional option of gold braces. This allows for a bolder look and is ideal for patients looking for that bling factor or for those who want a more unique-looking orthodontic treatment.

With gold braces, the brackets are gold plated, as are the guidewires!

The Orthodontic Process

Before starting any orthodontic treatment, we start you with a comprehensive consultation with your California dentist.

During this consultation, your dentist chats with you about your smile goals and specific expectations. We also provide an exam to make sure orthodontics is right for you and achieve the desired result.

In some cases, your dentist may recommend pretreatments, including professional teeth cleanings and general dentistry services if there are issues found—cavities, emerging infections, tooth crowding, etc.

If braces—or gold braces—are a good fit for your needs, we schedule treatment, which can last for several months or as long as two-plus years. Your dentist will let you know how long your therapy will last during your initial visit. 

Orthodontic Treatment for a Beautiful New Smile

For braces, your dentist attaches brackets to your teeth. These brackets are carefully threaded with guidewires. Throughout treatment, you come into our dental office for wire adjustments. These alterations slowly and comfortably guide your teeth into position.

When we fit your brackets and wires, your dentist may also offer specific instructions and tips for bracket and wire care and teeth cleaning.

Because we fix brackets to the teeth and guide our wires, keeping your teeth clean may require minor adjustments to your oral care routine.

Additionally, braces—like any ongoing treatment—take some getting used to. However, the adjustment period is typically prompt.

After Orthodontics in Pico Rivera and Beyond

If you’re getting braces at one of our dental clinics, you may wonder about aftercare.

Following treatment, your dentist fits you with a custom retainer. This is a clear aligner that you wear over your teeth—typically at night—to prevent orthodontic relapse.

Contact Your Dentist Near Me for Gold Braces

Gold braces make a statement, and if this sounds like an option you’d like to explore, give us a call today to get started.

For your convenience, we have dental locations in Los Angeles, Pico Rivera, Lynwood, Inglewood, Westchester, and Compton, CA.