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The Long-Term Challenges of Missing Teeth

June 10, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Ori Levy
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Missing teeth affect your life in many ways, and none of them are positive.

But today there are excellent solutions available for replacing missing teeth, and dental implants at our Inglewood, CA dental office are the tooth replacement that is almost like a natural tooth.

Replacing a missing tooth with a dental prosthetic is essential to keep your smile healthy. But tooth loss is not just a problem that affects your oral health. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that missing teeth impact just about every area of your life.

Reduced Self-Confidence

You know that beautiful, confident smiles can make memorable first impressions. If you have a missing tooth, however, you probably go out of your way to avoid situations where you have to smile; because of this, your self-confidence plummets.

Emotional Consequences

There’s also an emotional component to losing a tooth. You may feel ashamed or embarrassed, and some patients say they feel regret that they've lost a part of themselves.

Nutritional Concerns

When you have missing teeth, chewing can be uncomfortable or downright painful. Because of this, you may have to avoid healthy foods like crunchy fruits and vegetables. Instead, you opt for other foods that don’t hurt your mouth when you chew and may not be as healthy for you.

Change in Facial Structure

As soon as you lose a tooth, the jaw bone in that area of your mouth starts to break down. In the first year alone, you lose about 25 percent of bone mass, which continues until you replace the tooth with a dental implant. The bone in your jaw loses height, the contours of your face change, and you look older than you are.

Dental Implants Can Restore Your Quality of Life

At PhD Dental, we want you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile and a full and happy life. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants at our Inglewood, CA dental office can restore your quality of life and give you a reason to smile again.

If you have a missing tooth, please call PhD Dental to schedule a dental implant appointment with one of our experienced implant specialists.

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