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Questions to Ask Your Los Angeles Dentist at Your Next Checkup

December 13, 2019
Posted By: PhD Dental

You have more control over your oral health than you might realize. The things you do—or don’t do—every day can make the difference between a healthy smile and one dental problem after another.

The key is for you to be proactive, and that starts with your dental examinations with your Los Angeles dentist. These appointments are the perfect time to ask your dentist for recommendations for helping you protect your oral health every day of the year.

Before your next appointment, start making a list of questions so you’re prepared. If you’re not sure what to ask, here are a few suggestions:

How Can I Avoid Cavities and Gum Disease?

This seems like an obvious question, and you may think you should already know the answer. But don’t be embarrassed to ask; it’s your dentist’s job to educate you, and the answers to questions like, “How often should I brush and floss,” and “What foods are healthiest for my family?” provide valuable information about keeping your family’s smiles healthy.

How Can I Tell If My Teeth Are Healthy?

Ask your dentist in Los Angeles, CA about dental symptoms or problems you should look for that might indicate a problem is brewing. Bleeding gums, toothaches, and loose teeth are not normal, but if you know what to look for, you can get the prompt treatment you need.

Which Toothbrush or Floss Should I Use?

A healthy smile starts with excellent oral hygiene at home, including brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once. Get the most out of your efforts by getting oral hygiene tips like the type of toothbrush and floss you should use.

If you have dental work like implants, crowns, or bridges, ask them to explain how to clean around them and recommend oral hygiene aids that can make the job easier for you.

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