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At what age should my child see the orthodontist?

Girl with Braces | Lynwood CA OrthodontistAt PhD Dental, our East Los Angles orthodontists like to schedule children for their first evaluation around age seven. The reason for this is that your son or daughter will get their first permanent molar around age six.

Based on the position of this tooth, our orthodontists can predict how the rest of their adult teeth will emerge and whether or not they’ll come in straight. There are a couple of benefits to seeing your child at this age.

How To Determine When Your Child is Ready for Braces

First, if we determine that there’s a problem, we can take steps to correct it now. Treatments like space maintainers and palatal expanders are designed to ensure there’s enough room in your child’s jaw for all adult teeth to emerge correctly. Early orthodontic treatment-also referred to as phase one-can reduce treatment times or help your child avoid the need for braces altogether.

It’s also a good idea to help your child start to develop a relationship with their orthodontist in East Los Angeles. We want them to see these appointments as a positive experience. Starting early also helps them get comfortable with us and helps us understand your child’s needs.

If it’s time to schedule your child’s first braces appointment, please call PhD Dental to get started. We look forward to meeting your son or daughter and helping them enjoy a straight, healthy smile.  

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